Thursday, July 05, 2007

A summer of loss.

This summer has been a summer of loss for my wife, 2 family members have been killed in Alberta in just over a month.

It started at the end of May when her Nephew died. Her 19 year old nephew had a car accident near Leduc Alberta, and amazingly he survived the crash. What he didn't survive was the semi which hit him when he returned to the highway to look for help. This happened only days before her mother's (his grandma's) birthday, and it turned out that the funeral was held the day she turned 60.

Today we found out that my wife's Step-dad was killed in a 2 car collision yesterday morning. The car accident took place near Leduc Alberta, where a half ton ran a stop sign and collided with his SUV. The aftermath at the scene was brutal. We were able to watch coverage on the Edmonton news and both vehicles were incredibly damaged, but her Step-dad was ejected from his vehicle as he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.