Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spam should be globally criminalized.

I just received my first spam from the comments on this blog. Well if you don't know my stand on spam and the offenders that send it, here it is.

1. Spammers deserve to go to jail for invasion of privacy. No one asked for the stuff they send, and they should be treated as criminals. These are drugs pushers and pimps coming into your home through your computer, selling something they would be jailed for on the street. Just because it is on the internet does not matter, a pimp is a pimp, and a pusher is a pusher and there is only one place for them.

2. Spam is a waste of time, especially for those that use e-mail for business purposes, and I propose that companies using spam as an advertising method be penalized with enormous fines to compensate for those wasted man hours. (But because we have people stupid enough to respond to them, why should they quit?)

3. And this one is for people who respond to spam... You are idiots! First if you believe them, and second if you buy from them you are a complete idiot for prolonging the problem for everyone else.

Fianlly I have taken off comment capability because I feel even one abuse warrants it, which means that spammers have silenced your freedom of speech on my site.

Time to wake up and start taking action against these invaders, and if you would like an easy method of reporting them go to:

http://www.SpamCop.net if that link did not work for you.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Homosexuals are trying to force their religion on us.

Homosexual activists claim that Christians are forcing our religion on them when we disagree with gay marriage, but aren't they trying to force their religion of homosexuality on us? The truth is obviously YES, they are.

Religion is not just whether you belive in God or not, it is defined as: "a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices", and simply stated that means what you believe and practice is your religion. So then why is the homosexual religion so much more accepted than a moral one like Christianity? Again I see this as having a simple explination which goes like this: Christianity has a set of moral guidelines that it expects people to follow, this goes against the selfish nature of human beings and it becomes unpalatable for those only concerned only with what they want, therefore they choose whatever religion suits their moral deviance.

Rainbow my eye, Morality is black and white.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Personal Update

I guess it's time to set aside bashing the government for their egregious stupidity, and actually do a personal update.

There was a plan in place for me to take a disability management course from Dalhousie University (I was accepted and waiting to register), and then go on with a specialized degree of Psychology.

However this all did not pan out, how it all worked out went like this.
After applying to Dalhousie I was sent for an interview with a Vocational Rehab Cousellor, and this was to see what was involved in the position I was about to undertake training for. This meeting led to an vocational assessment and market analysis for the path I was about to take. The Market Analysis came back with a determination that VRC was to physically demanding for my limitations, and then went on to give some alternate occupations. The problem with the Alternate occupations was that they were even more physically demanding than the original occupation of Vocational Counsellor, which was not only disturbing but disheartening. So the outcome was that taking the Disability Management course was no longer a feasible option.
We met with my Vocational CSR from Worker's Comp, and discussed the positives and negatives brought up in the Feasibility Report. We will be looking into my taking a Psychology course at present and see how it goes. It's all a matter of taking my limitations into full account, which in itself causes so many problems.

Keeping my chin up though.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Internet pharmacies, 21st Century "Cyber" Pushers

"Onl|ne Ph4rm4cy", "\/icoddin, CodI1ne,V1aagrra,Xanaa,", "No perscription required"

How do I feel about these Pushers coming into my home daily trying to pedal there drugs, well to be honest it makes me SICK! Let's face the facts they are NOT here to save me money, it is an entirely selfish venture exactly the same as a dealer from the street.

Now the most intolerable thing about this is not that they will sell prescription meds without a prescription (although this in itself is completely illegal), it is that they are preying on people at some of their most vulnerable times! They perpetuate addiction, the same as any street pusher would, and they make it so easy with "Next day shipping worldwide" or "Buy in bulk and save" and most heinously "No prescription required". These are not advertising strategies focussed toward the legitimate user of prescription meds, they are tactics designed to intice the illicit user (and a cheap way for actual street pushers to restock designer drugs). The easier it is for an addict to obtain their drugs , the more difficult it will be for them to break the habit.

Are we coming to a place where most of society is going to be "whacked out" on drugs because they "can't handle life? And what does that in itself say about society's parenting skills?

I don't put all the blame on the illegal practices of these online pharmacies. Another simple fact is that we all have the freedom to choose to take drugs or not, and as long as there is a market for them to exploit, they will. However these companies are so brazen that they publically advertise how they are breaking the law yet there is nothing being done about it! But what I see as the worst offense is that they are coming into our homes uninvited, and we have no available means to stop them! With a street pusher we would calls the police, but who do we call to stop "Cyber" pushers? The only resource that I see we have is to address them as spammers and report them that way. ( A good site for this is SPAMCOP). As long as we all actually do this, we might eventually get them out of our inboxes.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Religion VS Christianity

I caught an article on the news last night about how this older "religious" couple didn't see a problem condoning gay marriages, and this caused me to ponder what religion they believed in. Let's call a duck a duck here, not all religions are Christianity, and even different denominations do not believe the same thing. HOWEVER, to tell me you are a Christian and do not see anything wrong with gay marriage tells me that you either don't read the Bible, or you really don't have a clue what you really believe in.
Let's take the United denomination for an example, here is a group of people that are supposed to be dedicated to teaching the uncompromised word of God, and then they ordain homosexual ministers? Even worse yet they elect a homosexual bishop! Have they been reading the same Bible I do, because mine says that homosexuality is immoral and wrong according to God. Now I must be quick to point out at this point that I do NOT harbor ill will to gay PEOPLE, it is the ACT of homosexuality I have a problem with. On the same note it is not nature that makes you gay, it is upbringing (or nurture).
I guess my point here is that there is no middle ground on this issue as a Christian. Homosexuality is unequivocally wrong, and if you believe otherwise you are NOT a true Christian. You may be a person of faith, but like I said religion is NOT Christianity! So who do you really believe in?

Remember that this is my opinion, and I'm not out to convict or condemn anyone (and I'll point out here that God tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves). I'm only pointing out the truth as I see it in the Bible.

I quote:
"Why can't they get the picture, why don't they understand? We're not dealing with the planet of apes, we're talking about the modern man... Here's your sign!"
Bill Engvall

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Murder is not a crime.

At least not according to the law of man, that's what the courts in Florida (Judge Greer in particular) are telling us. What makes walking up to a mentally retarded person and shooting them any different from pulling the feeding tube from Terri's body, not a whole heck of a lot! Is this what we've condemned society to become? We have become so selfish that we can't be bothered with taking care of the infirm, it gets in the way of what WE want! How convenient for us all, no more of those nasty disabled people to bother us! Yes I have a disability, not nearly as severe as Terri's but are we next on the hit list? It would be FAR more convenient for my family if I wasn't around at times, and I'm sure most caregivers and families could say the same thing about the ones they care for. And after that who's head would be on the chopping block, homeless people? Drug addicts? Alcoholics? Smokers? Maybe people that lie to us? Where do we eventually draw the line? Let's face it morality doesn't take a break just to make things easier for us!
Now forgive my rant, I just feel very passionately that we have allowed governmental bodies to rule so much of our life that we can no longer do without their so called "guidance". Remember these people lie to use to get into office (just so you know campaign promises are not legally binding, so once they are in they don't have to follow through with them), break their promises once they get in, and then we let them rule our Countries! I know the US has a system in place to "impeach" a president for misconduct, and I think we need to institute a system like this for all government positions thereby making them accountable to their employers' (THE CITIZENS) for their actions while in office or else they are OUT OF THERE (and in case of the current ADSCAM fiasco, Out of office and into a jail cell)! I'm not saying it would be a perfect system, but we could be assured that we would hear the truth from then on! These are the people that make the laws, spend our tax dollars, and represent our Country in other Nations, shouldn't our politicians make DANG sure that they are above reproach? Infidelity and corruption in Government is INTOLERABLE, and we need to let them know it is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE!

God help us all, because the way things are run here on earth we sure need the help!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

One of those days

Sometimes pain is good, it reminds you that you're alive. Then there are time times when pain makes you wish you were dead, for chronic pain sufferers those are tough days. Things go wrong and you feel like you're not only fighting things in the world around you, but you also have this battle with something you have no control over within yourself. I know most people don't have a clue as to what I deal with, and knowing this makes it a little easier to forgive people's attitudes.... To a point! It's hard not to want to pack it in, give up, just walk away from everything on "Those Days", and even staying sane take an incredible effort. Sometime you need to walk away and leave things for a bit, and then there are also times to give these people a kick in the rear. Distinguishing between these becomes even more difficult when what you're dealing with invokes enormous amounts of anger and frustration in the first place. This is the type of day I'm having today, I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Assesments, meetings and PROGRESS.

Yesterday I met with the Career counsellor and my Vocational Rehab councellor, and there were some good things that came from it. First was the acceptance of assistive equipment recommended by the Neil Squire foundation, so I have a fair bit of "shopping" to do. Thank goodness the Assistive specialist at Neil Squire is able to help me contact the appropriate suppliers, and therby set up shipping and billing. The Lady I'm dealing with through them has been a God send, supportive, uplifting and encouraging. But then I have to say that recently I have been thoroughly blessed with some very helpful professionals, and they are willing to do what it takes to make this process a possibility!

We also came to the conclusion that college prep courses would be a good idea as well, after all it's been a long time since I've had to attend school! Even after attending SIAST (career college) to take my meat cutting certificate, It didn't include papers and essays like my upcoming endevour. So this should be starting in February, I only hope I will have learned about and set up all the equipment by then!

I finally come to Today, where we received a call from an organization called "Independant Living". This group has yet more assistive products to help with the more mundane day to day living, such as shower support bars and electric adjustable beds (Gee who would have imagined that might help? I only bought one 2 and a half years ago....). There are other things that they'll be recommending like an electric recliner, and single handle hot/cold taps. Things that we would have eventually done, but it all cost so much and we're on a fixed income. I can't even remember everything we've done or bought on our own to help make life a little easier, but after seven years of fighting with them for even basic coverage we are finally getting some help and understanding.

Now for the future, we have one more assessment to come. This one is specifically to evaluate the level of personal care I need, that has to do with how much (and what type of) regular life items are required to be done for me. Simple things like cutting my own meat, washing my hair in the shower, clipping my toenails or fingernails. These are things that a normal person wouldn't even think about, yet they cause me excruciating pain were I to attempt them myself. So it has been very enlightening to have all these assessments done, I'm just amazed (and appalled) that none of this was even considered sooner by WCB. There are a lot of problems at WCB that need to be addressed and most of it has to do with treatment of injured workers, but that's a WHOLE different post. (Maybe one that will come sooner rather than later, keep an eye out for it!).

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Patience is a virtue.

11 days into the new year, and as much as I would like to get moving on things I still have to wait on others. I understand that I have nothing else pressing to work on like they do, so I find no fault with the people doing the things that need to be done no metter how long they take. The problem is in myself, being so anxious to start moving and feeling productive again that it feels like it's taking forever to come together. After 7 years of dealing with loss, trying to cope with pain, dealing with medications and their side effects and ultimately the wiening off of them, and then trying to figure out how to handle life with this pain and no medication, I need to feel useful again.
I meet again with the Rehab CSR from WCB on the 13th, for what I'm not sure (The career counsellor and CSR set up the meeting) but I will be able to give her the quotes I have for the things I'll need and the report from Neil Squire. We'll see what happens at this meeting, and I'll post an update then.