Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got a nice little note from an unhappy neighbor.

Note left on our car
I was welcomed to my wife's' car this morning by this note left from my neighbor.

Now to put this story into perspective; Yes I backed up to about 6 inches off his full sized extended cab truck's front bumper with our Pontiac G3 wave sub compact, when I parked in front of my house.  Why were you being an ass you ask?  I wasn't, I was complying with a city bylaw which requires me to leave 2 meters clearance to a driveway, it was in fact this individual parking too close to the spot ahead of him which created the issue.  It should be noted that my "daughter's vehicle" which he refers to in the note hasn't been there for almost a year, as she hasn't lived at home in almost that long. 

Here is a picture of the space he has to park, with our vehicle in the front, and their second vehicle in the back. Now I'm pretty sure there is enough room for him to get in and out of, while leaving me adequate space to comply with the law.  Yes our street is crowded for parking, but honestly if you complain your huge truck doesn't have room to park because of a sub compact, I think your head is planted a little to firmly and deeply in a dark stinky space behind you.  You will note that there would probably be enough room to fit two more of our vehicles in the space left, and ANY other vehicle.

I have asked them to park properly in the past because they have parked in front of our house backwards, too close to the driveway, and left a visitors vehicle parked in front of our house over Christmas, and I've politely asked them to leave us enough room for our one car, which is why I believe it was likely them that called the police to have us ticketed for our extension cord.

It's not really a question of whether or not we are doing anything wrong, because we aren't, it's a question of him somehow feeling entitled to get everything how he wants it.  Well boy, it's time to grow up a bit. I will be waiting for him to arrive home and speak to him in person, like a real man does. I was considering a note with the offer to come and discuss things, but I think I'll just wait and do it in person.