Sunday, December 04, 2011

The "poisonous" Native/Government relationship.

A fine list of examples of this "poisonous" relationship between First Nation Reserves and the Government is written by the National Post.  The one issue they fail to address in all their "The numbers you hear are incorrect, they only get 5.8 million in 2010-2011 for houses", is the fact that most people that read this will be paying for their own homes and upkeep themselves (and through their taxes obviously paying for First Nation Homes)! 

I agree with funding Education and Health care, everything that every Canadian expects already. But when you have to work for something you take pride in it and take care of it, and that is where handing out houses turns into a money pit because they expect it to be kept up for them too.  You want First Nation houses to last, let First Nations people buy them for themselves like the ROC.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Attawapiskat First Nation.

One of my best childhood friends for a number of years was a native boy named Hubert. Now Hubert and I would sleep over at each others houses, and I even spent time on the band reservation that he and his family were a part of. I never gave a second thought that we were in any way different, he was just another kid that was one of my closest friends.  So when I talk about reserve life, I speak from someone with first hand experience having not just visited, but been a apart of their daily life.

Recently in the news the Attawapiskat First Nation has declared a "State of emergency" and has put out their hands to the Government to finance their recovery.  Here is where I start to question the dis-service we are doing to the Native population by continuing to assist them at every turn financially, instead of allowing them to grow in both pride and self reliance. I'm not saying that the Government shouldn't be there to help, but I think some personal responsibility needs to be taken on the part of the Attawapiskat First Nation as to how and why they feel they NEED to delare this state of emergency.

I am going to regress for a moment, and look at the point of the "Reservation".  This was a place set aside for native peoples to manage and hold as their own, where they could raise their children in their traditional culture.  This seems to me to be a noble cause, worthy of a noble people.  I may be mistaken, but I believe Reservations falls outside any number of Federal Legislations, and is even given money and houses by the Government.  Which is why I question how they came to be in a state of emergency.  I really think the problem starts with the way a native mentality has changed to one of entitlement rather than self reliance, "you took our lands, now you owe us". Let's think for a moment about the state of being when the Europeans started settling Canada, are the native people better or worse off for it? Sure there were a number of problems that the settlers brought with them, but I would still have to say that European influences and settlement has improved life for most natives that have embraced it as also theirs.

I'm not saying don't help when it's needed, what I am saying is that the current relationship between the native community and Government is unhealthy, and it is primarily so for the Native community.  What I say to the First Nations people is simple; Don't give up your culture and heritage, but embrace the society around you to become healthy, proud, and self relient Canadians. I say this also after having read a disturbing stat that 80% of Prairie correctional inmates are Native, which I also believe is another disturbing effect of this unhealthy relationship, as well a number of factors/attitudes being handed down in native communities.

I don't have all the answers, but I find the problem serious enough to point out that it's been there too long.

** addition; The day after I write this I see an article in the National post is saying basically the same things I've said here, but it does touch on the subject of how some First Nations haven't any idea on how to govern themselves.  National Post Article.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Western freedoms under seige. Oct 23rd 2011.

2 stories are striking examples of what I'm talking about this week:
First is that of the "Honour killings' in CANADA of 4 Muslim women by their husband/father. This attack is more than just against the Canadian acceptance of Women's obvious rights and freedoms, but it goes even deeper when the offender's religion can influence both assistance from authorities, or recognition as a mitigating factor in his trial. Charles adler speaks about it here: Charles Adler

Second is that freedom of speech is being "weeded out" in Universities, and indoctrination is taking it's place. When Universities (Either campus activists OR University Authorities) choose to shut down events, groups, or ideas just because they disagree with them, it set a dangerous precedent for  the future of our freedom of speech. Universities should be a place of Diversity (not the opposite, as Kate from small dead animals points out), where dissenting opinions are not only tolerated, but encouraged for dialogue!  When groups of people, or the powers that be in charge, start shutting the doors on freedoms of speech, it should anger us all! Read the Canoe article on the abismal behaviour of academia here: Free speech suppressed

For another example, Islam extremists force the cancellation of a speaker in Texas. Watch here: The Arena.

Our Culture and values are under attack, and if we don't fight back we may lose that which is dear to us!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Equal rights for men!

The dictates of societal norms, and current laws prevent me from currently murdering others because they are an inconvenience to me. But this seems to me, in light of women's rights to murder unborn children, unfair and inappropriate! Why should I be denied the right to murder someone that is an inconvenience to me just because I'm a man? Is it just because I am unable to carry around the person I am legally allowed to murder within my body, supposing to be under my protection? I think if it's fair for Women to have the right to murder the most vulnerable members of society, the unborn child, I should be well within my Manly right to kill someone for inconveniencing me! After all we already know how stupid and inconvenient some people can be, and we have no idea of the potential of an unborn child, so it seems actually more logical to get rid of the people that have proven themselves unworthy of life than to kill off someone before they have the chance to prove themselves! (And can you imagine how much more productive we would all be if we knew that if we inconvenience someone else they might kill us?

Now I'm not trying to be facetious, sarcastic and condemning maybe, but be assured that I take the matter of abortion very seriously. I think that giving in to pressure from Feminazi's (Women's rights have killed more people than the nazi's, so the name is well earned) to allow women to kill children (and yes from the moment of conception they are children, they will not grow to be anything other than human being, so abortion is CLEARLY MURDER)is ridiculous, and shows a weakness of will and morals in the Governments that allowed it (Liberals.)

I'm posting this on Father's day, because as serious as it is, these are the things we talk about at our table, and when we were doing so this morning I was encouraged to post on it.

Life is no longer kill or be killed, so how can such an "enlightened" society still condone the reckless, wanton murder of innocent children? As I often say, if the Government wants to be my moral leader, they must be my moral superior. And as long as abortion is allowed by the Government, they have no chance of being such.


Monday, June 06, 2011

Cool new feature for smart phone users,

For those of you with smartphone, Mobile Barcode has a generator that allows you to create a smartphone barcode for your site.  You have to love tech!  :-)

Have fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So what comes next?

After schooling our youngest child through his final year of High School, today I started to wonder what was next.  The thing is I know that Drew will move on and forward with his life, but as a chronic pain sufferer my limitations leave me looking for things that can fulfill and validate my existence.

I have to admit I've been quite sick lately (a case of Labyrinthitis that is just hanging on), and keeping my energy up and pain levels down has been a continuous battle, so that might play into my current mentality.  However the dilemma stays the same, how can I accommodate the limitations of my condition and yet find something that can encourage self worth? (which is always harder the worse I feel, so hopefully that will change soon.)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are you the product of a social experiment?

Essentially anything new and different in a culture can be deemed a "Social Experiment", because we really don't know the outcome until the damage has been done.  Take for example the "Free Love" movement experiment, or for that matter the "Public school" experiment.

What are the results of the first experiment?  What has society gained by accepting and embracing a culture of instant gratification rather than one of delayed gratification?  By my estimations it has encouraged selfishness over one of compassion for those around us.  What we want is all important, at whatever cost.  Free love wasn't just about sex, it was an ideology based on personal gratification through any means one deemed appropriate.  This included sex, drugs, and anything else that made you feel good.  With unrestricted intercourse the results became evident quickly, as is wont to happen when the product only takes 9 months.  Yes I'm talking about unexpected/unwanted pregnancies. Of course in a society where the individual's desires are paramount, this creates an situation where it is no longer fun or pleasurable so something must be done to control this as well.  This creates yet another result, abortion.  A direct result of personal desire overriding the well being of another person is abortion, the blatant wanton murder of the most innocent and vulnerable of society.  Murdering children so that the individual could abdicate responsibility for their actions.

I believe the drug portion of the "Free love" 60's social experiment goes without saying, as it is abundantly obvious with the number of shows on TV dedicated to rehabilitation from substance abuse. 

So what about the experiment I referred to as "Public School"?  And why did I call it a social experiment?  What we tend to forget is that learning is passed down, and before public education it was a natural part of parental responsibility. Now not that I believe that there isn't a place for public education, because I believe it gives us a chance to learn outside the confines of our own experiences.  However I do have a problem with massing groups of hormonal, vulnerable, impressionable children together for enormous lengths of time.  Anyone who has read "Lord of the flies" can tell you that this is the attitude and behaviour carried out (albeit in smaller, less lethal manners) in the schoolyards of public institutions.  Although there is a staggering trend towards lethality that has been taking hold, and should we not find a solution to the mentalities that develop within a (public education) society the trend will only increase.  For as much as we hope that all of our children will be treated equally, this just isn't the reality of the public education system. Not only that, but with so few adults to influence children in proper behavioral patterns, the children learn and feed of each other and develop in a more "wild" manner. 

I started this post after reading a social experiment being conducted by a set of parents called "Gender Neutrality". Read the article here.  Obviously this is going to create issues in the future, but what are they? What ramifications will this (thankfully limited) social experiment have on children that are not taught how to be a man or a women?  I believe that the way we are raised, and the events that occur in our lives are what dictate the person we will become. Already one of the children is confused, and has asked for a note to be written telling leaders at a nature center that he was a boy.

What I think people tend to forget is that these social experiments can reproduce exponentially when we introduce offspring into the equation through the subjects.  I think it's time to step back and look at what we are doing and question if it is the best thing for society, or are we indulging our base instincts for that instant self gratification.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My day in court,

Although I had hoped for the Judge to see that this law is one that sometimes needs to be broken, and does not actually endanger the public as much as the "nanny staters" would have you believe, It came down to the strict application of law which lead him to find us Guilty of running an extension cord over a sidewalk.

It was about an hour that we were in court, I cross examined the witness, and presented evidence, then made my argument.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have done things slightly differently in my preparation, but now that is neither here nor there.

I do feel like I was on the verge of swaying the Judge to side with me, but lack of courtroom experience and understanding tipped the balance in favour of strictly the facts.  I don't think I did to bad for a complete rookie though, even if I do say so myself. However now comes the task of staying on top of the city, and getting them on top of this before fall comes again.

I actually have my argument written out, so I'll post what I read to the court for you;


I would like to start by explaining that I respect the law, and I am not here simply because I am unwilling to pay a ticket. I am here today because I disagree with a law that forces countless residents of Regina to break it, either knowingly or as in my case unknowingly, out of necessity. This law creates unnecessary financial hardship for people with no other option than to park on the street, with extra costs to avoid a ticket, further ticket costs, or possibility lost wages. It is not only my civil right to dispute this ticket, it is my civic responsibility to fight a law that is an inappropriate injustice to a large number of city residents who have no option but to park on the street, and yet need to keep their vehicle in running condition to support their families in Saskatchewan's winters!

As residents of Saskatchewan I am sure we are ALL aware of the necessity to plug in our vehicle in winter, and we are also all aware that a lot of the time sidewalks are not kept in the best conditions (by both the city and residents). As a result we are all more careful when we go out on them because poor conditions and power cords that accompany block heaters, are simply a part of the Saskatchewan winter landscape. Perhaps someone visiting from some a more tropical climate might be ignorant of this feature of the our winters, but residents know that one common winter feature will be power cords running over sidewalks in an effort to keep vehicles running. When a citizen takes appropriate measures to maintain both theirs, and the city's, sidewalks in such a condition for both ease of city sidewalk use, and a clear visibility of said “hazards”, these appropriate measures negate any real threat or liability. I was born in Saskatchewan, and have lived in the west all of my life, in all that time I cannot recall ever having tripped on an extension cord run across a sidewalk (of which were innumerable!) Why? Because like everyone else here in Saskatchewan, I am aware of the necessity for it, and that I need to be conscious of this very minor inconvenience.

It should also be noted that in the 14 years of this bylaw being enacted, there have only been “roughly 400” tickets issued (29/season), which shows decidedly that this is not an actively enforced bylaw, but one only acted upon at the behest of a complainant.

Your Honour; I was unaware of this bylaw's existence and although ignorance is not an excuse, it is a valid explanation when you look at the sheer number of Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws that an individual would be forced to memorize to be in complete compliance. This is why the City has the 24 hour notice policy, and I was denied even the primary opportunity to comply willingly. Ticketing in a case where it was obvious where the owner of the vehicle is resides (the officer threw the cord onto my property), as well as being very likely that they were available (since their car was plugged in), is completely unnecessary, especially in a first offense situation.

As for the “hazard” our cord presented (As per the 3 criteria mentioned by the city, which were Tripping, snow blowers, and shovelling);
  1. first off we promptly shovel our walks (to the extent that one Canada post parcel delivery man thanked me, out of the blue, for keeping it clean when he brought a parcel to my door during the major snowfall in November).
  2. Secondly we did not leave excess cordage on the walk, it is one length of cord, flat and easily visible on the sidewalk. (Our cord is also one that has ridges on it which helps prevent slipping if it were stepped on.)
  3. We have been diligent to clean the city sidewalks every winter for as long as we have lived in our home, and there is as far as I know only 1 snow blower in the neighbourhood, which I have never seen run. (And when we have shovelled for others, or Vice Versa, it has been easy to avoid cords.)
  4. Finally I think it is safe to say that this hazard is minimized by pedestrians already understanding that they need to be aware of icy conditions, and any number of cords, that exist, not unnecessarily, on most residential sidewalks during our winters, (especially since residents are often forced to walk on the street because of poorly maintained sidewalk conditions elsewhere.)

I believe this law needs to be changed and adapted to suit the conditions we in the “Great White North” live in, and I am looking for some sort of compromise on this bylaw, whereby to maintain the functionality, it is not necessary for anyone to break the law, and yet still adequately ensure the safety of those walking down our street, as I believe we have already been diligent to do. There has to be a way for citizens without off street parking to maintain an operational vehicle in our Saskatchewan winters without being contrary to the law, otherwise it would be safe to say that thousands of the city's residents are forced every winter to break this law, just to have a functional vehicles.

On December 13th 2010 I received a call from Mayor Pat Fiacco, who informed me that he, and my City Councillor Mr. Mike O'Donnell, would be putting forward a motion for the city administration to look at possible changes of this bylaw. Obviously after having this brought to their attention they have seen the problems with this bylaw, and they are taking the steps necessary to amend it to better reflect the needs of residents who have no choice but to break it. The Motion was set forward on December 20th at the City Council Meeting, which was passed. There is currently an investigation going on by the public works department to look into adequate changes to the law because of this motion.

I would also like to mention that this bylaw is also NOT environmentally friendly, as it forces residents, if they want their cars to function during winter, to run them far more frequently than if they were able to use the block heater (which vehicle manufacturers recommend plugging in below -15C). And when we look into the future, where the possibility of “Green” electric cars becomes the norm, this bylaw will effectively eliminate a large number of “green” vehicles on the road as they will have no way to recharge them.

The courts not only have the power to enforce laws, but also to affect positive change when needed. Obviously this law needs amendment to allow for a compromise from the city to its residents, while having enough common sense in it to eliminate any real hazards.  I am asking you to send a message to the city administrators that they are in fact creating a hardship for residents and the environment with this law, and let them know that this law does not work for the average citizen therefore it needs to be amended. 

Your Honour, I invite you participate in this process by finding me not guilty.

Thank you, Your Honour.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got a nice little note from an unhappy neighbor.

Note left on our car
I was welcomed to my wife's' car this morning by this note left from my neighbor.

Now to put this story into perspective; Yes I backed up to about 6 inches off his full sized extended cab truck's front bumper with our Pontiac G3 wave sub compact, when I parked in front of my house.  Why were you being an ass you ask?  I wasn't, I was complying with a city bylaw which requires me to leave 2 meters clearance to a driveway, it was in fact this individual parking too close to the spot ahead of him which created the issue.  It should be noted that my "daughter's vehicle" which he refers to in the note hasn't been there for almost a year, as she hasn't lived at home in almost that long. 

Here is a picture of the space he has to park, with our vehicle in the front, and their second vehicle in the back. Now I'm pretty sure there is enough room for him to get in and out of, while leaving me adequate space to comply with the law.  Yes our street is crowded for parking, but honestly if you complain your huge truck doesn't have room to park because of a sub compact, I think your head is planted a little to firmly and deeply in a dark stinky space behind you.  You will note that there would probably be enough room to fit two more of our vehicles in the space left, and ANY other vehicle.

I have asked them to park properly in the past because they have parked in front of our house backwards, too close to the driveway, and left a visitors vehicle parked in front of our house over Christmas, and I've politely asked them to leave us enough room for our one car, which is why I believe it was likely them that called the police to have us ticketed for our extension cord.

It's not really a question of whether or not we are doing anything wrong, because we aren't, it's a question of him somehow feeling entitled to get everything how he wants it.  Well boy, it's time to grow up a bit. I will be waiting for him to arrive home and speak to him in person, like a real man does. I was considering a note with the offer to come and discuss things, but I think I'll just wait and do it in person.