Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why are we less willing to come to the aid (or even be nice) of others?

The title touches on two different topics: One deals with the inaction's of people, the other their actions.

I think it's fair to say that people act primarily out of selfishness, and find that being an asshole is that fastest way to bully most people into doing/giving them what they want. Some go so far as to use physical violence, rather than only verbal abuse, to accomplish this. I also think it's fair that people act out of selfishness in their inaction's to help others that tend to be in these physical altercations. The difference comes with motivation: while a majority of people "would like" to help someone they see in need of it, there are 2 things that are going on: 1. self preservation, & 2. Fear of litigious reprisal by either the perpetrator OR the legal system itself!

Yes that's right, the assailant in physical confrontation cases have been pressing charges (usually after a successful defense) against their intended victim! And if the criminal doesn't do it, the LEGAL SYSTEM WILL!  Here are a couple examples: Assailants sue victims. Legal System re-victimizes victim through charges.  I also came across a conversation on twitter where my local constabulary was telling citizens that if they were to try and defend their homes from someone breaking in, they may face assault charges, and to only call the police. Here's a screen capture of said twitter conversation.

So let's be perfectly honest, why the hell would anyone help anyone else, when even helping yourself can get you in trouble?

This is the ridiculous state of affairs we have reached, when the most basic of Human rights (The right to defend ones self, family, and possessions from injury or theft) is being trampled on by Governments and their bureaucratic minions of idiocy in the courts and constabulary. However I come from a viewpoint where I am not allowed to assault you or steal your stuff, and you are not allowed to assault me or steal my stuff, and self defence of me and my stuff IS NOT is not assault.

But here lies the rub, the police CANNOT protect everyone, the simple fact is that they are a reactionary force dispatched after an event has already occurred. So who are REALLY first responders then? You and I are. If a private citizen is attacked, they should have the right to use any means they feel necessary to secure their person and/or possessions are secure! Not only that, if we see someone in need of assistance, we shouldn't have to fear reprisal by the system or the assailant if we help our fellow citizen's from succumbing to an attack!

This was the video that recently sparked my annoyance, where a 50 year old bus driver was attacked FOR A TRANSFER by some assclown who doesn't play by the rules that are force on "law abiding" citizens. Assclown attacks bus driver in Winnipeg.