Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spam should be globally criminalized.

I just received my first spam from the comments on this blog. Well if you don't know my stand on spam and the offenders that send it, here it is.

1. Spammers deserve to go to jail for invasion of privacy. No one asked for the stuff they send, and they should be treated as criminals. These are drugs pushers and pimps coming into your home through your computer, selling something they would be jailed for on the street. Just because it is on the internet does not matter, a pimp is a pimp, and a pusher is a pusher and there is only one place for them.

2. Spam is a waste of time, especially for those that use e-mail for business purposes, and I propose that companies using spam as an advertising method be penalized with enormous fines to compensate for those wasted man hours. (But because we have people stupid enough to respond to them, why should they quit?)

3. And this one is for people who respond to spam... You are idiots! First if you believe them, and second if you buy from them you are a complete idiot for prolonging the problem for everyone else.

Fianlly I have taken off comment capability because I feel even one abuse warrants it, which means that spammers have silenced your freedom of speech on my site.

Time to wake up and start taking action against these invaders, and if you would like an easy method of reporting them go to:

http://www.SpamCop.net if that link did not work for you.

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