Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once again Quebec holds back progress in Canada.

I'm not going to mince words; I think the Bloc has no place in federal politics. PERIOD! There is no place on a Federal stage for a Provincial party to be elected. If you want to sit in the House of Commons I think there has to be a simple understanding that you must run candidates in all provinces of the Country.

Honestly what can the Bloc accomplish in the House that any one of the Federal party candidates from their area couldn't? There are local members of a legitimate federal party that could represent them not only as adequately, but more effectively with the support of a national party behind them.

I personally think it's a travesty of democracy to have to kiss Quebec's behind with it's own "special" party because they somehow think they are more deserving, more entitled or simply better than everyone else in Canada.

Hey Quebec... Grow up.



Philou FĂ©lin said...

Funny that this argument about the Bloc not being a national party originates mostly from the West, where the Reform Party was born.

God I love irony.

Bob said...

Actually I think you'll find whether it originates in the west or not the fact is still accurate. The Bloc has no National party, National agenda, nor for that matter does show it wants to. With that in mind what right do they have in National politics? Is the only thing you have to defend this "special interest" party with is that "the reform party was born in the west"? Plain and simple the Bloc has no business in Federal politics simply because it's not a Federal party.