Friday, April 15, 2005

Internet pharmacies, 21st Century "Cyber" Pushers

"Onl|ne Ph4rm4cy", "\/icoddin, CodI1ne,V1aagrra,Xanaa,", "No perscription required"

How do I feel about these Pushers coming into my home daily trying to pedal there drugs, well to be honest it makes me SICK! Let's face the facts they are NOT here to save me money, it is an entirely selfish venture exactly the same as a dealer from the street.

Now the most intolerable thing about this is not that they will sell prescription meds without a prescription (although this in itself is completely illegal), it is that they are preying on people at some of their most vulnerable times! They perpetuate addiction, the same as any street pusher would, and they make it so easy with "Next day shipping worldwide" or "Buy in bulk and save" and most heinously "No prescription required". These are not advertising strategies focussed toward the legitimate user of prescription meds, they are tactics designed to intice the illicit user (and a cheap way for actual street pushers to restock designer drugs). The easier it is for an addict to obtain their drugs , the more difficult it will be for them to break the habit.

Are we coming to a place where most of society is going to be "whacked out" on drugs because they "can't handle life? And what does that in itself say about society's parenting skills?

I don't put all the blame on the illegal practices of these online pharmacies. Another simple fact is that we all have the freedom to choose to take drugs or not, and as long as there is a market for them to exploit, they will. However these companies are so brazen that they publically advertise how they are breaking the law yet there is nothing being done about it! But what I see as the worst offense is that they are coming into our homes uninvited, and we have no available means to stop them! With a street pusher we would calls the police, but who do we call to stop "Cyber" pushers? The only resource that I see we have is to address them as spammers and report them that way. ( A good site for this is SPAMCOP). As long as we all actually do this, we might eventually get them out of our inboxes.


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