Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Murder is not a crime.

At least not according to the law of man, that's what the courts in Florida (Judge Greer in particular) are telling us. What makes walking up to a mentally retarded person and shooting them any different from pulling the feeding tube from Terri's body, not a whole heck of a lot! Is this what we've condemned society to become? We have become so selfish that we can't be bothered with taking care of the infirm, it gets in the way of what WE want! How convenient for us all, no more of those nasty disabled people to bother us! Yes I have a disability, not nearly as severe as Terri's but are we next on the hit list? It would be FAR more convenient for my family if I wasn't around at times, and I'm sure most caregivers and families could say the same thing about the ones they care for. And after that who's head would be on the chopping block, homeless people? Drug addicts? Alcoholics? Smokers? Maybe people that lie to us? Where do we eventually draw the line? Let's face it morality doesn't take a break just to make things easier for us!
Now forgive my rant, I just feel very passionately that we have allowed governmental bodies to rule so much of our life that we can no longer do without their so called "guidance". Remember these people lie to use to get into office (just so you know campaign promises are not legally binding, so once they are in they don't have to follow through with them), break their promises once they get in, and then we let them rule our Countries! I know the US has a system in place to "impeach" a president for misconduct, and I think we need to institute a system like this for all government positions thereby making them accountable to their employers' (THE CITIZENS) for their actions while in office or else they are OUT OF THERE (and in case of the current ADSCAM fiasco, Out of office and into a jail cell)! I'm not saying it would be a perfect system, but we could be assured that we would hear the truth from then on! These are the people that make the laws, spend our tax dollars, and represent our Country in other Nations, shouldn't our politicians make DANG sure that they are above reproach? Infidelity and corruption in Government is INTOLERABLE, and we need to let them know it is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE!

God help us all, because the way things are run here on earth we sure need the help!

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