Sunday, June 19, 2011

Equal rights for men!

The dictates of societal norms, and current laws prevent me from currently murdering others because they are an inconvenience to me. But this seems to me, in light of women's rights to murder unborn children, unfair and inappropriate! Why should I be denied the right to murder someone that is an inconvenience to me just because I'm a man? Is it just because I am unable to carry around the person I am legally allowed to murder within my body, supposing to be under my protection? I think if it's fair for Women to have the right to murder the most vulnerable members of society, the unborn child, I should be well within my Manly right to kill someone for inconveniencing me! After all we already know how stupid and inconvenient some people can be, and we have no idea of the potential of an unborn child, so it seems actually more logical to get rid of the people that have proven themselves unworthy of life than to kill off someone before they have the chance to prove themselves! (And can you imagine how much more productive we would all be if we knew that if we inconvenience someone else they might kill us?

Now I'm not trying to be facetious, sarcastic and condemning maybe, but be assured that I take the matter of abortion very seriously. I think that giving in to pressure from Feminazi's (Women's rights have killed more people than the nazi's, so the name is well earned) to allow women to kill children (and yes from the moment of conception they are children, they will not grow to be anything other than human being, so abortion is CLEARLY MURDER)is ridiculous, and shows a weakness of will and morals in the Governments that allowed it (Liberals.)

I'm posting this on Father's day, because as serious as it is, these are the things we talk about at our table, and when we were doing so this morning I was encouraged to post on it.

Life is no longer kill or be killed, so how can such an "enlightened" society still condone the reckless, wanton murder of innocent children? As I often say, if the Government wants to be my moral leader, they must be my moral superior. And as long as abortion is allowed by the Government, they have no chance of being such.


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