Sunday, October 23, 2011

Western freedoms under seige. Oct 23rd 2011.

2 stories are striking examples of what I'm talking about this week:
First is that of the "Honour killings' in CANADA of 4 Muslim women by their husband/father. This attack is more than just against the Canadian acceptance of Women's obvious rights and freedoms, but it goes even deeper when the offender's religion can influence both assistance from authorities, or recognition as a mitigating factor in his trial. Charles adler speaks about it here: Charles Adler

Second is that freedom of speech is being "weeded out" in Universities, and indoctrination is taking it's place. When Universities (Either campus activists OR University Authorities) choose to shut down events, groups, or ideas just because they disagree with them, it set a dangerous precedent for  the future of our freedom of speech. Universities should be a place of Diversity (not the opposite, as Kate from small dead animals points out), where dissenting opinions are not only tolerated, but encouraged for dialogue!  When groups of people, or the powers that be in charge, start shutting the doors on freedoms of speech, it should anger us all! Read the Canoe article on the abismal behaviour of academia here: Free speech suppressed

For another example, Islam extremists force the cancellation of a speaker in Texas. Watch here: The Arena.

Our Culture and values are under attack, and if we don't fight back we may lose that which is dear to us!

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